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What is traditional Medicare?

Traditional Medicare is administered by the government and includes a few separate types of coverage that must be pieced together to provide complete healthcare coverage. Generally speaking:

  •     Medicare Part A covers inpatient services like hospital stays
  •     Medicare Part B covers outpatient services including medical procedures and equipment
  •     Medicare Part D covers prescription drugs
  • Supplemental coverage, which is optional, covers additional items like co-pays

What is Medicare Advantage?

Medicare Advantage plans are administered by private insurers on behalf of the government. Medicare Advantage:

  •     Is also known as Medicare Part C
  •     Combines all the services offered through traditional Parts A and B
  • Often includes Part D prescription drug coverage

Why are more people choosing Medicare Advantage?

More and more consumers are choosing Medicare Advantage over traditional Medicare because these plans:

  •     Are more convenient, combining Medicare Parts A, B, and D into one package with a single insurance card
  •     Are more affordable than the combined cost of traditional Medicare and supplemental coverage
  • Usually offer additional coverage not provided through traditional Medicare like routine dental and hearing care

Still have questions?

CMS’s 2020 Medicare Guide has the detailed answers you need.

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