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After you have confirmed your eligibility and selected a plan, enroll online through Medicare’s website or visit the website of the private insurer offering your Medicare Advantage plan.

Steps to enroll in your new Medicare Advantage plan

  1.  Gather information to support your enrollment:
    • Your login (if you have one)
    • Your past enrollment information (if applicable)
  2. Go to the Medicare Plan Finder website
  3. Log in, or enter the following information to see the plans available locally:
    • Type of coverage you are looking for
    • Your zip code and county
    • Any help you receive with costs
    • Any drugs you want to see costs for
  4. Keep these tips in mind:
    • You can add your prescriptions and pharmacies to get a more accurate estimate of your costs
    • You can select up to 3 plans to compare side-by-side
    • At the bottom of each listing, click “See more benefits” for a full list of additional plan benefits
  5. After open enrollment begins, you can use the website to generate a paper enrollment form to send to your selected health plan. This completes the process and ensures coverage effective _____.


You can make changes to your plan selection for 2020 up until the end of open enrollment on December 7, 2019. 

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